Tuesday, January 30, 2007

MCs of War

Performing at a tribute to Bob Dylan at Avery Fisher Hall on November 9, 2006, The Roots put forth an incendiary performance of the all-too-relevant "Masters of War". Setting the first verses against the "Star Spangled Banner", this group clearly set out to make a statement. And that they did.

?uestlove describes the performance:

"we did “masters of war”. i can’t really describe the feeling….maybe it was lowered expectations or a lil doubt creeping in on some “mmmm wonder what a “rap group” is doing at a dylan tribute. but i really feel like last night was a tipping point for us (we “white striped it” with just me and kirk and damon on the tuba from the jeff bradshaw brass band) dare i say it was like motown 25. im not certain what the results will be but shit is not going to be the same on that set again. we came out in all army fatigues. and did a mars volta esque/zappa version of this protest song (lyrics are soooooo relevant for what goes on today)—incorporating in the gap band’s “you dropped a BOMB on me” and hendrix’s “MACHINE GUN” for added spice. most of the renditions of the night were incredible in its silence. i wanted to go electric to sorta be the sore thumb in the acoustic at atmosphere sorta like newport 63 (ha ha)."

Pure genius, click to listen

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