Saturday, June 21, 2008

Forbin 500

The following information provides some insight into recent business dealings with Phish, DMB, and Coran Capshaw (content borrowed from PT):

coran capshaw manages DMB. he also manages trey. they also moved all the archives and biz materials from VT to VA (where coran works out of) a few months ago. coran will manage phish. coran also puts on b'roo (or his $ does) and he is the co-producer of the denver aeg fest as well as the outside lands fest in SF. he also owns charlottesville brewery and the charlotteville pavillion. and starr hill music hall. and red light management company. red light manages tons of acts. red light and madison house (SCI mgmt) and now the same company. SCI and phish are managed then, or will be, by the same company. worlds collide.

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