Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sirius Changes

As a current XM subscriber, I have mixed feelings about the new merged channel lineup that debuted today. I am excited about now having access to Sirius' Jam_On, The Grateful Dead Channel, BBC Radio 1, and NBA basketball. I am concerned about the quality of playlists now going downhill, consistent with the poor reviews I've read about the tunes that are played on Sirius' music channels. XM has been great for obscure tracks and bands that I would not otherwise hear via other means. Let's hope that the new Sirius/XM can find a way too maintain the best of each service and do away with overly repetitive playlists.

View the story and the new Sirius/XM channel lineup here


Scott Bernstein said...

Any news on whether Jam On will make the cut and still be on XM/Sirius?

WeightStaff said...

I listened to Jam On through XM this morning. It lives right next to the Dead Channel. I'm enjoying the new lineup.