Monday, December 15, 2008

The Weight: Flashbacks

When The Weight was born almost 2 years ago, it was merely a forum for a few friends to share music videos and sound clips of the artists we love. But over the last 24 months, the site has proudly evolved to include concert/movie reviews, ruminations, criticism, editorials, news, comments, contributions, and a healthy portion of (justifiable) Beyonce bashing.

Anyway, as our frequent visitors have probably noticed, the site has been dormant for an inexcusable period of time -- and for that, I apologize. I guess between the holidays and our busy work schedules, we unfortunately haven't had the time to generate quality posts. So, I'll make it easy: I'm going back to our roots and posting, for lack of better words, one damn cool video clip; no clever conversation, just Billy Joel.

p.s. The only person missing from this performance is Albert Hammond, Jr...

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