Sunday, March 21, 2010

You're Welcome: Jawbone - The Band

With the new feature "You're Welcome", I've chosen to highlight a great track, by a well known band, that you're likely not familiar with.  In this case, its not just any band, but The Band.  And the song is called "Jawbone".  It appears on their self-titled album, known to fans as The Brown Album, which was released in 1969.  Jawbone doesn't appear on any of their greatest hits collections, was not played at The Last Waltz, and didn't even make the cut on the 6-disc A Musical History box set, released in 2005.  And this is why its the perfect candidate for the inaugural You're Welcome.

Contributing to its unknown status, "Jawbone" is overshadowed on The Brown Album, the follow-up to the legendary Music From Big Pink, by heavyweights Across The Great Divide, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Up On Cripple Creek, and Rag Mama Rag.  In my opinion, Jawbone is in desperate need of some recognition as it is another great example of the under-appreciated vocal ability of Richard Manuel.  In this instance, Richard is supported by backing harmonies from singing drummer Levon Helm.  The song is also another example of the funky swing that The Band was capable of producing, featured on tracks like King Harvest and Life is a Carnival.

On a sidenote, Jawbone was the name of a now defunct UK fanzine about The Band, first published in 1996.

Oh...and by the're welcome.


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ak said...

Awesome. nice post.

p.s. did anyone see Jimmy cliff on the Rock and Roll induction ceremony? He was phenomenal. Thanks again for your recent Jimmy Cliff post.

In addition to the numerous covers of "many rivers to cross" there are some awesome covers of "harder they come" including willie nelson, jerry garcia, etc.

for ready reference:

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p.s. the band is so high in that photo.

Another classic shot by Woodstock's own Elliott Landy


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Jawbone is the best

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