Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lyrics As Poetry: Here Comes That Rainbow Again

The following clip is from Kris Kristofferson's appearance on the Elvis Costello-hosted television show Spectacle.  In introducing his own song, Here Comes That Rainbow Again, Kristofferson states that Johnny Cash wrote in his autobiography that this "might be his favorite song."  Heavy praise for a musically simple song with only two verses that runs less than three minutes.  One listen to the narrative lyrics and you'll know what Johnny was talking about.  The song was released by Kristofferson as a single in 1981 and was subsequently recorded by Cash on his 1985 album Rainbow.

Watch Johnny Cash perform the song in a clip from The Late Show with David Letterman from 1985 featuring an appearance from Waylon Jennings: 

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Anonymous said...

Great Post.

Check out Kristofferson's collection of demos out-takes and hidden gems: Please Dont Tell Me How the Story Ends.

really really good.