Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bridge Blows Up

Baltimore rockers The Bridge have recently released their fifth studio album called National Bohemian, titled after the unofficial official alcoholic beverage of Charm City.  The album was produced by Steve Berlin, sax and keyboard player for Los Lobos.  To support the CD's release, the band shot a video for what is presumably being considered the disc's first single, 'Rosie'.  Rather than simply film a live concert performance of the song, the band donned matching pressed white shirts and skinny black ties and showed up to what looks like a proper soundstage to film an MTV-style music video.  According to an interview with singer and guitarist Cris Jacobs, the shoot was filmed on a day off from touring, over a 4-hour period, in Louisville, KY.

We've covered the Bridge throughout the four years we've been around as a music site and we've been fans of theirs as far back as their inception in the early 2000s.   We've also made no effort to hide the fact that we grew up with some of its members.  They've come a long way since their early days, perfecting their sound through constant, now coast-to-coast, touring.  They've played many of the major summer festivals around the US, including a near-annual slot at Tim Walther's All Good Festival in WV, where in 2008 Phish's Mike Gordon sat in when them and then just three days later he invited the guys to open for him on his solo tour.

We again attended the Bridge's annual pre-Thanksgiving show a few months back in Baltimore and we look forward to doing so again in the fall.

Take a look at The Bridge's new video for 'Rosie':

Listen to the band's new album, National Bohemian, released on February 1st.

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