Monday, July 26, 2010

It's All About Seoul!

Well, actually Japan...but I couldn't resist.  You have to check out this clip of a Japanese cover band playing Billy Joel's 'All About Soul' from the River of Dreams album.  Great, great song.

But first I wanted to say that I've been on a major Billy Joel kick lately.  And I feel about him the way I feel about Van Morrison.  It's all about the back catalog baby.  Brown Eyed Girl.  Pop crap.  Piano Man...well that's just a good song.  But anyway, I've been mining the Billy Joel archives because life has thrown me a few curve balls in the last couple of months.  And Billy speaks the kind of truth that I need to hear right now.  Plus, anyone who can get Elle MacPherson and Christie Brinkley in the same lifetime is okay with me.

First listen to the Billy Joel version at least for 30 seconds to get the vibe of the song.

Then check out the Japanese cover band.  Who knew the Piano Man translated to Japan?  Actually maybe it doesn't!  Love the vocals and the dedication.  He's REALLY trying for the impersonation.  Do they even know what they are singing???

UPDATE: 'A Voyage on the River of Dreams' is an Australian 3-CD box set released in 1994, which includes the studio album, River Of Dreams, along with a 6-track live CD from the '93-'94 River Of Dreams tour, plus a Questions & Answers CD recorded at Princeton UniversityThis boxed set made the charts in Australia (#33) and New Zealand (#47), the only places besides JAPAN where the set was officially released.

There you have it.  The Japanese love them some Billy Joel.  Who knew?