Thursday, February 19, 2009

Idol Thoughts...

So, I think they got it right. For once, I'm relatively satisfied with how America voted thus far despite my reservations about "roughneck" Michael Sarver. There is little question that Alexis Grace and early-favorite Danny Gokey deserved a spot in the Top 12; Sarver's performance on the other hand, was a notch above an average karaoke outing. In fact, most of Tuesday's performances were just plain painful -- and that is being kind.

But, I can't help but feel bad for Anoop "Dog" Desai, who contrary to Randy and Kara's comments, I thought nailed his performance. Desai took a lot of unfair criticism from the judges -- namely that he sang "sharp" and that the song [Angel of Mine] was "dated." Maybe I missed something, but in my humble opinion, he was the best performance of the night. It goes to show that whitebread American teens will never vote a non-white or non-African-American into the finalist round -- regardless of ability. That is a real shame. I hope he makes the "wild card" round.

But while I still can't fathom why or how Danny's buddy, Jamar was eliminated prematurely a few weeks back, I am somewhat relieved that we are almost in the clear of Tatiana Del Toro (barring the "wild card"). Del Toro, the delusional megalomaniac whose aura represents the worst traits of mankind, must be eliminated not necessarily because she can't sing, but because a spot in the final round would only bolster her repulsive sense of entitlement. However, win or lose, I have a hunch that Del Toro succeeded in achieving her ruthless quest for attention and do I dare predict that she will earn some second-rate record deal or maybe a spot on another reality show. That, or end up going postal...

Other thoughts:

-they seriously need to turn down the reverb on the mic -- it's bad enough that it looks like a cheap, plastic Fisher-Price toy, they could at least spare us from the cheesy karaoke effects;

-apparently America still has a love affair with corny songs about "hope," "friends" and "heroes" -- most of which have religious undertones (did you see the size of that cross on the back of Sarver's shirt?!? Low blow, but it worked!);

-Simon proved yet again that he is ALWAYS right; and

-Kara gets hotter by the episode!!! Evil or not, she is smoking!!!

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Rasp Polermo said...

That girl Tatiana drives me bonkers. I can't even look at her without thinking to myself "stop talking! don't even open your mouth!" On a scale of 1-10 of annoyance she is a 15.

The thing that bothered me even more was when she was eliminated so was such a sore loser about it. When all of the other contestants were given the big letdown by Seacrest, most of them shrugged their shoulders, gave half a smile and said "I had a good time and I was happy just to make it this far". Tatiana on the other hand started breaking down like she thought it was her destiny to win the whole damn show. Grow up! Granted she has an ok voice but her personality is just way over the top. Although it seemed like on the two live shows she was a bit more toned down. Perhaps someone sat her down and was like, "hello! your making a fool out of yourself."

I'm hoping she does not make the wild card round. If so we may have another Sanjya on our hands.