Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Weight 3.0 (Hey, if Phish can do it....)

"Fluffhead was a man...."

After queuing up the Phish show from last night via Mr. Miner's web site, and I heard the crowd react to the band coming up on stage and then go absolutely wild for the opening strumming to Fluffhead, I started to cry. I was NOT expecting that. And it was brief. But damn was it cathartic.

I didn't cry because I wasn't there, although trust me I wish I was. It was because in that instant I reflected on so many things. I'd say it is embarrassing to type that, but music lovers know full well that melody, rhythm, and emotion are extremely tied together. And like Malcolm Gladwell says in 'Blink', it only takes a second for our instinctual ability to take over.

When I was in high school, Phish sparked my adventurous side, my musical side, my dangerous side, my analytical side, and so many other facets to who I am. And I was young enough to not have the drama of relationships, money, bosses, and "the future" hanging over my head. And unfortunately, those things are almost all of what has been on my mind of late. And for that split second, I was reminded of a time when NONE of that drama ruled my life. And it felt oh so good. I think the people in the audience felt it, everyone listening to the show online felt it, and the band felt it too. After all, the last five years have not been easy for them either.

I've been to the Mothership in Hampton before, and I sure as hell know I'll be there again, but for now I am content to listen to the rest of the show on my laptop, let my mind wander, and remember what is most important in life and where my priorities should be. Including bringing this web site back to where it should be: a place to bring music fans together and share our stories. And here is looking towards my first taste of live Phish in early June at Jones Beach and the epicness that should be this year's Bonnaroo.

"Divided Sky, the wind blows high..."

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Jeffrey Greenblatt said...

Welcome back guys, looking forward to version 3.0