Friday, March 20, 2009

Allman Brothers: Eric Clapton Returns

Images Captured from Moogis webcast
Beacon Theatre - NYC, 9th night

Set 2
Melissa (Greg on acoustic)
Leave My Blues at Home
No One Left To Run With
Key To The Highway (Eric Clapton)
Stormy Monday (Eric Clapton)
Dreams (Eric Clapton)
Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad (Eric Clapton)
Little Wing (Eric Clapton)
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed !!! (Eric Clapton)

Encore: Layla (Eric Clapton, Danny Louis)

- Clapton is really hitting the solos hard tonight. He sounds more comfortable. Maybe repeating a few songs from last night isn't such a bad idea.
- Greg's vocals sound incredibly strong tonight. Even he is motivated by their special guest.
- Derek and Eric dueling guitar leads in Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad is the highlight of the night for me.
- Warren and Eric share vocals and smiles during Little Wing. Beautiful solo from Warren on this one.
- Monster solos all around on Liz Reed. Warren closed it out huge.

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WeightStaff said...

I think what's nice about this run is that the guest spots don't have that gimmicky, attention grabbing feel. Its more a celebration of the music rather than a way to get attention or buzz on the web. It's kind of like a month long Last Waltz. Truly amazing.