Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Please Don't Take Her Just Because You Can [AI Spoiler]

Wow. The American Idol judges "save" of the season was very much in play on tonight's elimination episode. With a bottom 3 of Alexis (who Randy incorrectly called Allison!!), the real Allison, and Michael Sarver, these were solid contestants that should in theory have all made the Top 10 and the Idol cheese fest they call a tour.

After letting the real Allison return to her seat, we were down to Sarver and Alexis. And after prodding from Seacrest, Simon stated that he would potentially consider saving one of the two. Well, our friend from the oil rig was never a serious threat to win the show so he must have meant the 'lil lady, Alexis. When her number was called as the one with the lowest vote count, she was allowed to sing her choice for the week, Jolene by Dolly Parton, for her life line. And boy were the lyrics fitting. The White Stripes did it better but Alexis gave it her all...

Check out the lyrics (just replace Jolene with Simon, Randy, Paula, and Kara and 'him' with her dream):

Jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene
Im begging of you please dont take my man
Jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene
Please dont take him just because you can

I had to have this talk with you
My happiness depends on you
And whatever you decide to do, jolene

And I can easily understand
How you could easily take my man
But you dont know what he means to me, jolene

You could have your choice of men
But I could never love again
Hes the only one for me, jolene

End result: End of the Line, Allison (oops, sorry...Alexis)

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