Sunday, March 15, 2009

Allman Brothers: Jazz at Beacon Theater

I've been reading about the concept of live concert webcasts for as long as I've been using the Internet (about 15 years). Throughout that time, I've always been fascinated with the concept; being able to listen to or watch a show as it happens from the comforts of my own home. It seems that every year a new service comes along promising an improved experience and I've tried many of them. Listening to Phish's 1998 Halloween concert from my room in college, the night they performed the Velvet Underground's Loaded in its entirety, is one of the earliest instances that I can remember.

Based on the positive reviews I'd been reading in the last week, tonight, I bought my subscription to Moogis and watched the live webcast of the 5th night of the Allman Brothers Band's Beacon Theater run. Within 10 minutes of watching on my laptop, I knew the price was worth it. As I'd been reading, the sound and picture quality is excellent. But what is so surprising is the high quality of the production. It seems that there are cameras everywhere, both on and in front of the stage. You get to see incredible closeups of all of the players on stage. You get to see the emotion on their faces and the way they react to each others' playing. You get to see Derek and Warren's fretwork. You get to see Greg's fingers on the keys. Quite simply, Moogis provides an experience that you cannot get from inside the venue. And since I can't be there on the Upper West Side, this is without a doubt very close to being there in person. In fact, I've been in the balcony at the Beacon Theater, and the view I have from my sofa is so much better.

As I'd hoped, the night was heavy on Allman's classics and special guests. I'm very much looking forward to watching the remainder of the run.

Beacon Theatre - NYC, 5th night

Set 1
Little Martha (Warren, Derek, Oteil)
Ain't Waistin' Time No More
Walk On Guilded Splinters (Dr. John cover)
Rocking Horse
Gambler's Roll
Woman Across The River
Dreams w/Randy Brecker (trumpet) and Lenny White (Miles Davis/Return To Forever/drums)

Set 2
Melissa (Gregg on acoustic guitar)
Lovelight w/ Robert Randolph
One Way Out w/ Robert Randolph
In A Silent Way (Miles Davis) w/ Randy Brecker
Liz Reed > w/Randy Brecker and Lenny White
Drums > (Butch/Marc/Lenny White)
Bass Jam> w/ Stanley Clark (Return To Forever/bass)
Liz Reed w/ Stanley Clark

Mountain Jam>
Dazed & Confused>
Mountain Jam


Anonymous said...

Adam Nussbaum played drum on Turn on Your Love Light & Now Way Out....

Anonymous said...

that cat was smokin'.....
great show!