Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol Chatter - Round of 13

I'm an Idol addict. I wear it on my sleeve and am not shy about it. However, I do want to say that this is my favorite show for reasons that may not be obvious. I don't tune in to watch the "bad" contestants get trashed, I don't vote, and I certainly don't get the breathy charm of David Archuletta. I'm basically not in the target demographic. But what brings me back to watching every damn show is the pure humanity of it all. These people, who are plucked from obscurity, should in theory be completely out of their element. Yes, some have failed record deals, but the majority of the contestants do not. They were sitting on the couch in Nowheresville, USA last season and now they have their chance. And what I find so fascinating is watching someone "ordinary" get on stage in front of millions of people and either shine like they have been there a million times before or fall back to earth like a led zeppelin. Exultation or embarrassment. All for us to watch live.

This season is an interesting one. There are singers in the competition who maybe shouldn't be there except for some interesting qualities to their life story. And I think this was the first show this season that begin to separate the wheat from the chaff. One thing I will say, is that some contestants may have shined a bit brighter than normal tonight because it was Michael Jackson week and his tunes happen to be in their wheelhouse (Adam, cough, Lambert). But that being said, some people nailed it and some people were named Anoop.

'Lil Rounds - It's easy to say this was Mary J. Blige lite. But for this performance, Lil Rounds vocal was a lil too thin. She needed to bring some blues and soul into it the song to make it work and it didn't for me. I did like her "The day you give up on your dreams is the day you give up your life" line from her opening montage. Probably will stay.

Scott MacIntyre - I really like Scott...as an artist and singer, not just as a "story". But Scott's problem is that he has too much of a a James Taylor vibe. His voice has emotion and he would be a great story teller in that Kenny Loggins vein. But AI thrives on a singer "hitting the note" to steal a line from the Allman Brothers and Scott may have too delicate of a vocal for this show. And was that really a Michael Jackson song?? I've never heard of it. Will definitely stay.

Danny Gokey - Could the hype be getting too big for this guy? He hasn't sung in three weeks and I still think he is overexposed. I liked his performance but nowhere near as much as the judges. Michael Jackson is not in the sweet spot for his Michael McDonald vocals but he will definitely be back and will be in the competition for a long time. Let's hope there is a Doobie Brothers episode for him to really shine.

Michael Sarver - Michael is the Josh Gracin of this season. I guess there weren't any Iraq War veterans that tried out this year to take instead of him. Michael is the guy the producers were dying for because he gets the Middle America/Republican/ Grandma vote. I heard Bristol Palin has been calling IDOL 04 nonstop since the show ended. His vocal was okay. But dude, you are WAY out of your league. Sweet guy but he'll be rocking the oil rig again in no time. Only problem is that the oil guys may not let him come back after the "sissy" singing. Kind of like when a baby bird falls out of the nest, the mother won't bring them back in. He may not be voted back on but the Red States will probably keep him one more week.

Jasmine - Very cute girl, looks great on camera, and can definitely sing. I actually liked it better than the judges did. Her youthful voice worked great on a Jackson 5 number and she was very poised for her age. Its hard to not root for her. Will be back next week.

Kris Allen - Two words. All American. Three more words. Didn't sing great. Will he be around next week? See first two words and Michael Sarver write up. Just replace Republicans with every girl that voted for David Archuletta. Dude, acoustic guitar on Remember the Time? Really? Forgettable. The comments from Simon that Kris should have kept his wife hidden so that the girls would like him more was amazing. I love this show.

Alison - Looks like a younger Jenny Lewis. She has a hell of a sultry sound for a young girl. Very advanced for her age. I love her vibe and her voice. But is this chick smoking a pack a day or have a whiskey problem? Greg Allman even envies her growl. She is one of my favorites. She doesn't need this show and as Kara says...she could be on the radio with a hit tomorrow. Just please never, ever, ever sing Black Velvet. I would take back everything positive I ever said about you. No Melissa Ethridge either! One flaw: work on your exit interview skills, girl. See you on the show for a long time.

Anoop - Sang 'Bad'. Nothing else needed to say. I want to like you buddy but the a capella skills just don't translate. Is Anoop gonna make it to next week? It is written. Will he make it much longer. I doubt it.

Jorge - Completely forgettable. My guess is he is headed back to Puerto Rico tomorrow.

Megan - Wow. She looked very, um, womanly tonight. This could keep me watching by itself. I can't take my eyes off of her because I'm not sure if she is going to fold under the pressure, shine, or try to steal Seacrest's wallet. I get a Bonnie and Clyde danger vibe from this girl and I love it. Horrible song choice with 'Rockin' Robin' but I could have watched this performance on mute. Check that, I SHOULD have watched it on mute.

Adam Lambert - I want to believe this guy is a star. He is right on that thin line between edgy superstar and Hot Topic sales guy at the mall. He couldn't have had a better "theme" than Michael Jackson to start out the competition which will help him. Adam is over the top, shrieky, and would be fronting Buckcherry if they had the next RockStar Supernova INXS type show. Maybe he thought he was trying out for that. I don't think this show is right for him but I'm excited to see how he handles the next couple of weeks.

Matt Giraud - Had to unfortunately follow Adam. Not exactly where I would want to be. Not much more to say. I actually really like Matt and want him to do well. I just don't think he has that internal innate sparkle translating on camera that is so necessary to move forward in this show. His falsetto at the end was amazing. But this might be the end for him. Too bad because if I ever voted I might vote to try to save Matt.

Alexis Grace - This girl is all legs. It looked like Bambi vamping it up on stage. I think her body may actually be 74% legs. And this song performance was sexy. I mean SEXY. I don't know whether I should stare at her or call the police on myself. How old is this girl? I think I saw she has kids so she must be older than 18. I hope. Excellent performance. I liked it alot more than the judges did. She owned that song. Will be around for a long long time.

My guesses to go home: Jorge definitely. I think Matt may be the second one to go. Should be Anoop and Michael but I think they are both safe...for now. My prediction for the winner? Allison. You heard it hear first.


Anonymous said...

Haven't had a chance to watch this season, but after that great review...can't wait to join the rest of the world and tune in

WeightStaff said...

"So, check it out...You know what I like about you?" Sorry, I always get the urge to talk like Randy during Idol season...Can't help it.

But really, I just caught up on BOTH Tues. and Wed.'s episodes thanks to the "how did we ever live without" device called DVR.

[Spoiler Alert]
R - great post. I agree w/ about 95% of your breakdown -- I take exception to your Jorge critique. Was the performance forgettable? Yes. Was the arrangement, as Simon said, atrocious? Yes. Is Jorge a bad singer? Not at all. Jorge was simply another victim of a "bad song choice." Would he have made it to the finals? In this country, not a shot, but I think he had another few weeks in him. He actually is a very talented singer and comes off as genuinely sincere which made him likable. I was sorry to see him go.

Lil Rounds: REALLY? Who is she? I don't even remember her? I thought her performance was awful, the song choice was terrible, and she is no better than hundreds of other of female, R&B/Hip Hop singers that auditioned on the show. I don't get this one at all and I certainly don't see how she survived over Jasmine -- at least Jasmine is attractive. Actually, with Jasmine gone, Lil is the only African American -- male or female -- left on the show this season, and I have to think that has something to do w/ her sticking around...

Kris Allen: All American? Well, despite hailing from Arkansas,I think Sarver is the rightful owner of that title. Kris is more like the Jason Castro of this season. Pleasant face, can strum some chords on the acoustic, but zero killer instinct. His downfall is that he's just another pretty face who can play the guitar...kinda like me...RELAX YOURSELF! I'm only kidding...sort of...Simon's comment about him leaving his wife at home for a couple more weeks, proves yet again, that Simon is a genius, people listen (and vote) based on what he says (whether they know it or not) and Fox continues to walk the line between family programming and trashy T.V.

Adam Lambert: "He is right on that thin line between edgy superstar and Hot Topic sales guy" Love it! But really, he is way better than the mall. I like him. I like him A LOT. He is original. He's got the look. He is Mick Jagger meets My Chemical Romance. Crazy vocal stylings. Sick range. I like him. I like him a lot. Finals. Finals.

Anoop: The second Eddie Van Halen's opening riff to "Beat It" came on, he was fucked. Everyone knew it. I knew it, the judges knew it, even Anoop's parents knew it. Anoop Dog -- you got this far, don't blow it! You're from Chapel Hill! I know you're smarter than that! Step it up! You ain't winning, but I like watching what you got each week. C'mon dude, wake up!

As for the rest of the bunch:
Scott MacIntyre: good heart, decent singer, but no American Idol. He is the "feel-good," and I hate to say, "sympathy" vote of this season. At least he is modest and has a good attitude. I think he'll squeak a record deal out of this, win or lose.

Matt Giraud: I like him. I don't think he'll win because like Kris, he doesn't go for the jugular. He really needs to tear it up to get noticed. He needs to be more Justin Timberlake. The judges already hinted that there are moments he sounded like him, so embrace it! That is your only chance. Remember Blake? That guy couldn't sing for shit, but he had the J.T. vibe and got far (on the show that is). Matt is the female Brooke White from last season. Great behind the piano, soulful vocals, but I think only connects with insiders and older music enthusiasts, not the corn-husking American public.

Michael Sarver: The whole thing is kind of ridiculous. Just watching him hulking up there makes me uncomfortable. Can he sing? He's probably the best singer from his town. But, American Idol? C'mon, let's get real. I'm ready for him to pack his bags. In no time he'll be devouring a bag of Doritos and watching the Cowboys games.

Megan: Whatever Ryan said.

Danny: Yea, yea. Hype, Hype. He's good. I get it. That good? No. Settle down everyone. Settle down. He'll certainly give it a run, but he doesn't win this competition.

Allison: She connects with teenaged, rebellious, angst-ridden, girls with similar dyed hair who actually spend the time to vote on the show. DANGEROUS!! Need I say more?

Alexis: Bye, Bye.

General comment to all males on the show: STOP POPPING YOUR FUCKING COLLAR. That was so Hamptons 2006. And it was bad then too! ENOUGH ALREADY! And what's with you guys sporting these layers of gaudy silver necklaces and chains? I mean, Sarver, c'mon, you just look ridiculous. You're no Adam Lambert...


WeightStaff said...

That has got to be the longest original comment in the history of TheWeight. So Congrats on that. You're right. Jorge does have a great voice. But that doesn't make up for the creepiness factor and the little personality factor. Yes, there may have been a language barrier but this isn't Puerto Rican idol.


Anonymous said...

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