Sunday, May 30, 2010

Covered in Dust: The Ultimate Writer's Block

The Weightstaff is comprised of 3 people.  And throughout the lifespan of The Weight's existence, we have each had our time of being prolific and/or fading into the background.  Usually, the exuberance and interest of 1 or 2 of the members carries the site and the the other is allowed to roam outside of the blogosphere.  Well, considering how long its been since I have regularly posted (think the Nixon era...or so it feels) I have been more out of the loop than Walt from the Island on Lost.  [Sorry, I couldn't resist as I'm listening to the Bill Simmons Lost season finale podcast.] 

So I'm the guy covered in dust as alluded to in the title of this post.  I finished graduate school in the last couple of weeks and was so buried in assignments and working full time that my interest in music and pop culture almost disappeared.  So forgive me if this post is more to stretch my blogging legs rather than informing you, the reader, of anything all that interesting.  But I am hoping this is the beginning of another beautiful blogship.  So bear with me here as I divulge what I have found of note in reading the latest Rolling Stone:

1) The George Harrison/Martin Scorsese biopic is still happening!  I love this pairing and am very intrigued by what the final result will be.  I want to hear more from the Silent Beatle and will be able to in 2011.  If this is as good as No Direction Home, I'll be pleased.

2) The Roots have a new tune called Dear God 2.0 with none other than jacketed Jim James.  Back in college, I loved the Roots album 'Do You Want More??!??!' because they were playing instruments when Cash Money and their electronic blips and bleeps were all the rage.  I respected it.  Good for The Roots for staying (somewhat) relevant.

3) Santana continues his spiritual "whoring himself out" streak with a covers album.  Clive Davis has convinced the guitar god to work with Chris Cornell on 'Whole Lotta Love', Joe Cocker on 'Little Wing', Rob Thomas on 'Sunshine of Your Love', and Nas on 'Back in Black'.  Really Carlos?  This sounds like next year's American Idol finale.  Did you already spend all that Supernatural cash on a shrine to Metatron?

Lastly, did Bret Michaels sell his soul to the devil?  He has worked the media perfectly so far in this latest "comeback".  So, it took cheating death to become the focus of media attention.  And I'm sure the attention will flame out.  But he should be on Celebrity Rehab not winning Celebrity Apprentice!  I applaud his latest "career".  You think Vince Neil is trying to figure out how to almost kill himself?

In the upcoming week I'm hitting up Conan O' Brien at Radio City on Wednesday and a Levon Ramble with Drive By Truckers on Saturday.  This post is hopefully the rebirth of a big part of my life over the last few years.  Here's to wasting more time together in the future...

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