Monday, May 10, 2010

Photo Monday

"Well, he's a frustrated musician, and I guess I was a frustrated filmmaker. So, it was a perfect connect. I would turn him on to music of great obscure things that end up in a lot of these movies, actually. I would try to think of something that would just blow his mind. And he would screen movies for me—like trashy B-movies that are amazing in their own way. It was never the obvious. He was never showing me D.W. Griffiths' movies or what are considered classic films. They were always off the beaten path, but very interesting—Sam Fuller movies, things like that. So, we traded back and forth on all these kinds of things. He knew that I was a film buff long before we crossed paths, and I knew that he was a music fanatic long before we crossed paths. So we had something to work with there."
--Robbie Robertson on Martin Scorsese, speaking about when they lived together while editing The Last Waltz


Anonymous said...

he managed to leave out the blacking out the windows and doing blow for 128 hours straight, or something like that.

i wonder if that story is true? or just made up to enhance the legend.

good post.

WeightStaff said...

I read that too -- rumour is it was all (or mostly) filmed. Doubtful that Scorsese or Robertson will ever let that surface -- if it even exists. At least Neil Young's performance at The Last Waltz verifies some level of truthfulness there...