Monday, March 14, 2011

Ryan Adams Returns to Touring

Ryan Adams will end his self-imposed touring hiatus by going out on a 12-date solo tour in Europe this June.  All of the dates have him at traditional venues, with no festival dates included.  This is a great sign for those of us holding out hope that he would hit the stage sometime soon.  Hopefully he announces some Stateside shows rather than returning back into hibernation.

June 10 Stockholm, Sweden—Cirkus
June 11 Oslo, Norway—Folketeatret
June 13 Malmö, Sweden—The Consert House
June 14 Copenhagen, Denmark Koncerhauset
June 16 Lisbon, Portugal—Aula Magna
June 17 Porto, Portugal Teatro—Sa Da Bandeira
June 20 London, UK—Barbican
June 22 Brighton, UK—Dome
June 23 Manchester, UK—Bridgewater Hall
June 25 Glasgow, UK—Academy
June 26 Oxford, UK—Oxford New Theatre
June 28 Amsterdam, Holland—Concertgebouw

I'm not sure when this clip was filmed, but its definitely from the early 2000s, closer to when Gold was released.  Its from the time before Ryan entered his Grateful Dead period where he replaced folksy Americana for Psychedelia and got himself a rock n' roll band.  I really liked that Cold Roses-era (as does Phil Lesh who continues to cover material from that record), but I'm ready to see him go back to the Neil Young/Heart of Gold-style that he so perfectly plays in this video.  

Ryan Adams (Solo)
Oh My Sweet Carolina 

Call Me On Your Way Back Home


Anonymous said...

This kid is so good. It's a shame he took such a nosedive the last year or two. I hope he pulls it all back together.

Cold Roses and Jacksonville city nights are classics and will be listened to and whispered about by kids 30 years from now the way we talk about after the gold rush and harvest.

WeightStaff said...

i wouldn't exactly call taking a relatively short leave of absence from the public-eye in order to regroup and start writing/recording a "nosedive." it's not like he released a hip-hop album and went on celebrity rehab...


Anonymous said...

His last albums were subpar, and forgetable. Did you know he put out an album this year. Sold less copies then you have readers.

WeightStaff said...

I bought his Orion metal album on vinyl last year. Very limited supply. It sold out in hours. Keeping it sealed.


Anonymous said...

Cardinogy wasn't great and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. But these two audio dumps dilute the legacy. Perhaps he doesn't care, that would be more rock n roll then caring, but it does knock him down a peg. The string of albums between 2000-2005 was sick and historic.

Although I can probably go through Neil youngs catalogue and pick out some duds.

Welcome back r.a. Hopefully.

Anonymous said...

@DL- I can picture you on American Pickers refusing to let go of your limited edition colored and unopened vinyl collection.

Ever see ghostworld? I'm sensing a Steve buscemi moment.

Ps I have unopened limited ed vinyl of thurston moores solo album psychic hearts, and "L7" singles circa 1994. FSBO. All offers considered.