Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Summer of Jerry: Days 5-8

Because of an impromptu camping trip in upstate New York this past weekend, I was unable to post the final installments of The Summer of Jerry.  So without further ado, I will consolidate all of the remaining clips into this last post.  I hope everyone took a moment yesterday to remember Jerry in their own meaningful way. 

Jerry & Bob poking fun at the media:

I've seen this next clip (circa 1978) before and found it especially intriguing.  Jerry & a very-stoned and rambling John Kahn discuss the then fledgling punk/new wave genre, which includes commentary on Elvis Costello, Cheap Trick, etc.   Whoever compiled this montage also included some compelling sound bytes which he/she felt demonstrated the influence of punk/new wave in the Dead's own music:

This next clip actually comes from a small bit that originally aired on AMC called The Movie That Changed My Life.  Here, Jerry candidly discusses the tremendous impact that Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein had on his psyche as a child and his artistic and creative endeavors as an adult.  It is surmised that this film -- which was permanently engraved in Jerry's memory -- influenced much of the well-known skeleton iconography in the Dead's visual repertoire, including the animated sequences in The Grateful Dead Movie:

And lastly, former President Bill Clinton ruminates about Jerry's legacy, his line of neckties, his death, and his ongoing drug problem -- Jerry's that is, not Bill's.  (note the trademark Clinton thumb gesturing at 0:46 when he starts lecturing about the dangers of drug addiction)

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