Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cool Colorado Rain

I returned to Rocky Mountain National Park this past weekend, almost two years since I'd last trekked to the great state of Colorado for 2 nights of Phil and Friends featuring Ryan Adams. I didn't see any live music on this trip, except for an impressively talented wedding band that put forth its take on tunes by The Beatles, Bill Withers, The Meters, P-Funk, and others. Returning to the Rockies brought back many memories of the "Phil Shows" I'd seen in 2005 at the Denver Fillmore and Red Rocks. Despite the controversial reviews that followed those shows, I found them to be excellent concerts, with Ryan Adams helping to take the songs in directions that Phil and his rotating cast of friends hadn't gone in before (or since). Ryan has clearly impacted Phil more than any other artist out there in the last few years, given the astonishing number of times Phil has chosen to cover his songs, both with and without Mr. Adams in attendance.

I highly recommend taking some time to listen to this 7/15/05 set from Phil Lesh, Ryan Adams, Jimmy Herring, Rob Barraco, Barry Sless, and Jeff Sipe at Red Rocks. It was a beautiful night and featured some beautiful music.

And yes, it did rain a bit this weekend...and it was cool.

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WeightStaff said...

I was actually listening to
Help > Slip > Franklin's this morning (Fillmore, 7/15/05).

Coincidence? Maybe...