Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sometimes All You Need is a Little Grass

Not so fast there, Jammy fans. Don't get the wrong idea. Let me explain:

New York City is a concrete jungle in the worst variety. Apartment to subway to work to subway to apartment traveling leaves little time for stimulation beyond my iPhone shuffle. And trust me, life didn't used to be this way. Growing up in the suburbs, pre-Internet mind you, was endless trees, grass, the smell of the outdoors, maybe walking to a friends house, maybe even physical activity! This was way in my past. Hell, even in college (pre-Internet, sense a theme here) I actually used to "get outside" and breathe. What the fuck happened?

But, like Ryan Adam's says in 'Anybody Want to Take Me Home?': "Well, I am in the twilight of my youth". And you know what, I pretty much feel that way. With the age of 30 barreling down like a runaway freight train, the idea of playing in the park seems so far away. But that is just what I did today. Not having cleared my head in days (since when do I even have to do that?!?!?) I decided to start up at 76th Street and walk down through Central Park en route to the glass cubed Apple store at the retail mecca of the world: 59th St./Fifth Ave. And I was pretty surprised at myself that I was getting a bit emotional. (Crying during Intervention on A&E, maybe, but not with dads playing wiffle ball with their kids.) Sometimes you forget what its like when 'The Weight' (shameless plug) of money, work, and girls isn't on your mind at all times. Shouldn't a 30 year old have his shit together?? And why does a swatch of grass amidst skyscrapers cause reflection? Because its the perfect symbol for what I have been needing to find. A calm amidst the chaos, shelter from the storm as it were. My anthem used to be "Can't I live while I'm young?!?". I'm just not ready for "Old man, take a look at my life, I'm alot like you"

Yeah, I really think i should be on the grass more often.

This post was typed while at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store. Do you know how hard it is to type curse words while 7 year olds are tugging at your shirt to use the sample laptop???

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