Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Wood Brothers Fly Like An Angel

I'm sitting here on my sofa re-listening to a rendition of a song that I discovered earlier this morning. Even though the sky is gray and rain is pouring down right now, four hours ago I set out from my apartment building for my first run in about eight weeks, since I injured my foot training for a ten-miler in early April. The sun was shining and a breeze was blowing and told me a storm was a-comin' so I knew I couldn't procrastinate or I was going to be washed out from my chance to get back on the train. Looks like got it right today.

I've been hesitant to get back on a regular running schedule because I didn't want to come back too early from injury and have to sit on my ass all summer with a more serious problem. So I played it conservative leading into my trip to jolly ol' England last week. I knew I'd be doing a ton of walking during our five days in London so I figured I would use that as my first real test to see if I was healed. Despite being ill-prepared for walking over 5 miles a day for 5 straight days and limping around the hotel with stiff legs, I could tell that my foot was healed enough to give full on running another go.

So this morning was trial numero uno and I would say that it was a success, even though I walked well more than half of my regular four-mile course. At least it was something and I should be back to running the full four miles in a few days.

So back to the point of this post. When I'm running on my own, I bring along my XM Pioneer Inno. With it, I can either tap into live streaming satellite radio or the songs I've saved onto the device. I get the features of an ipod with the added bonus of getting to listen to songs that aren't already my own on the satellite feed. Today's discovery was The Wood Brothers cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Angel". The track features vocalist and guitarist Oliver Wood, who fronts Atlanta-based blues band King Johnson, and upright bassist Chris Wood, of the long-running trio Medeski Martin and Wood, as well as vocalist Amos Lee (who is very much worth checking out on his own). The track appears on The Wood Brothers' April 2008 release titled 'Loaded'. It sounds like it was recorded in the 50s, incorporating acoustic bass, brushed drumming, swirling organ, natural vocals, and a bouncy reggae strut. It's excellent.

Check out the song here

Also check out the duo's take on Dylan's "Buckets of Rain"

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