Sunday, September 7, 2008

In Good Company, MTV VMA's 2008

Joining the ranks of Guns N Roses (1988), Nirvana (1992), and Eminen (1999), this year's MTV Video Music Awards Best New Artist is Tokio Hotel.

Uh...yeah. The music industry is in great shape. [Does sarcasm translate well online?] Although they did beat out Miley Cyrus so maybe the world IS a better place today.

...Fast forward about 20 minutes later into the show, man of the moment Lil Wayne is rapping and dancing around to the Sweet Home Alabama riff on Kid Rock's performance of his summer anthem, All Summer Long. This is the best VMA's collaboration since Madonna corrupted Britney. You gotta love this train wreck.

...And finally, what was actually an interesting and dare I say magical performance, Bonnaroo's favorite son Kanye West closed the show with a new tune off a rumored new album. Damn Kanye, 4:30 am? Really?!?


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Remember the good old days when music was about the sound, the talent, the originality? Sigh

WeightStaff said...

You actually watched the VMAs??? I hope it was for "journalistic purposes" only...