Sunday, September 28, 2008

We Still Want The Funk

"George Clinton and His Gangsters of Love" (Shanachie) debuts at No. 34. It's the first Clinton album to chart since "Greatest Funkin' Hits" peaked at No. 46 in November 1996, and the highest-charting Clinton title since "T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M." went to No. 27 in June 1996.

Clinton's run of solo chart albums began with "Computer Games" in December 1982, giving him a chart span of 25 years, nine months and three weeks. But you'd have to go further back in time to include his work with Parliament. That ensemble first charted in August 1974 with "Up for the Down Stroke," giving Clinton a chart span of 34 years, one month and two weeks.

But that still wouldn't paint a complete picture. Before he founded Parliament, Clinton assembled Funkadelic, and that group first charted in March 1970 with an eponymous LP, giving Clinton a career R&B album chart span of 38 years, six months and one week.

Source: Billboard

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