Friday, September 26, 2008


So this is interesting: VH1 [choke] is counting down the top 100 rap songs of all-time. According to who?? Brooke Hogan?? This is laughable considering VH1 is about as in touch with Hip-Hop culture as ESPN is with the world of antiquing. Recall not long ago when VH1 was counting down the soothing sounds of Cyndi Lauper, Richard Marx and Michael Bolton (and God forbid any African-American unless it was Billy Ocean or Luther Vandross) while Yo! Mtv Raps and BET's Rap City were boldly spreading the word on EPMD, N.W.A., Too Short, Ice Cube, Kool Moe Dee and other rap pioneers.

With respect to the list itself, how did Bondie's "Rapture" not make the cut? True, while not a "pure" rap track per se (although some may argue the contrary), didn't this song virtually introduce hip-hop to the mainstream "Mtv generation?" Notably, the list only includes about one song per artist, which is mesmerizing considering the number of revolutionary hits by Biggie, Tupac, Dre, Public Enemy, L.L. Cool J, etc. (and no love for Zapp and Roger?!?). Imagine a list of the greatest rock songs without a combination of at least 10 songs by the Beatles, Dylan and The Stones in the top 50. It doesn't exist.

Viva Ed Lover, Dr. Dre and Fab 5 Freddy!

For the full VH1 list, click here

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