Monday, January 17, 2011

It Shall Be Released: Bob Dylan Chronicles, Volume 2

Chronicles, Volume One, the first edition of a planned three-part memoir written by the hand of Bob Dylan, was released over six years ago.  It spent 19 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list and was one of five finalists for the American National Book Critics Circle Award in 2004.  Since that time, there has been almost no news in regards to when the second volume would be penned by Dylan and ultimately released. 

In today's email from Uncut Magazine editor Allan Jones, in regards to a second installment of Chronicles, he writes:
In news just in, though, we hear that Dylan has just signed a new deal, with Simon & Schuster, who published Chronicles and have long maintained they had an agreement with Bob to put out the two further volumes of Chronicles, as previously announced.

The deal is apparently for six Dylan books – the two follow-ups to Chronicles and four more apparently based on Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour, which will presumably be based on Dylan's often hilarious commentary and links between songs, although this has yet to be confirmed.
There is no word on when the second book will be on shelves, but hopefully its any day now.


fhb said...

Well, close. The deal *is* for six Dylan books. Listed were Chronicles 2, a book of Dylan "riffs" from Theme Time Radio Hour, and a book of poetry. That leaves three books whose subjects are unknown. One can assume that one of them is Chronicles 3. The other two might be TTRH books, or something else entirely.



mondal said...

Bob Dyian's video, picture and songs always excited all people. I also like it.

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