Monday, January 10, 2011

Chairman of the Bards?

Is Page the new Shakespeare?  Last year, I uncovered a vintage Phish photo where I drew a comparison between a young Page McConnell and Tom Hanks circa the movie Big.  However, a painting universally agreed by historians to be that of William Shakespeare, bears an even more uncanny resemblance to Leo himself (see below).

Editor's note
According to The Phish Companion, "My Friend, My Friend” is one of the tunes in Phish’s repertoire that bridges the gap between compositional complexity and sing-along simplicity. The lyrics, with their references to knives and bombs are among Tom Marshall’s most unsettling, lacking the giddy smiles of so many Phish songs. Some have even written near-treatises drawing connections between “My Friend, My Friend” and that most unsettling of Shakespeare’s works, Macbeth."

Furthermore, according to Mr. Miner's Phish Thoughts, "The subsequent nighttime interlude comes in the form of the paranoid nightmare of, “My Friend, My Friend,” formerly titled, “Knife.”  With the opening verse, we see a picture of someone who believes his friend will murder him and marry his love.  Rife with Shakespearean overtones, and parallels the deceptive plot of betrayal in Macbeth, this song is the darkest, thematically, on the album."

Coincidence?  Judge for yourself...

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WeightStaff said...

Nice Work. That's actually pretty impressive. Kind of creepy picture of Page too.