Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Simon & ...Dylan!

I've just stumbled on yet another amazing live performance on YouTube.  Recorded during one of their on-stage collaborations during their Summer of '99 co-headlining tour, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, along with Dylan's backing band (featuring Larry Campbell at the time) tackle Simon and Garfunkel's 'Sounds of Silence'.  As I've now learned, this song was performed by the two men on every night of the tour as a transition out of the opener's set into the set break, and I can only imagine that it was just as special every time it happened. 

(Click the red link to launch the player)

Bonus Content:

Dylan's recorded version of 'The Boxer' on his own Self Portrait

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Anonymous said...

i did not go to the paul simon/dylan tour that summer. I regret missing it, but was told that Dylan really disappointed on that tour. if that's possible. who knows. i would have loved it. Self-portrait is great by the way. Most internet noodling returns negative reviews, or general disappointment in that record, but i disagree, i think it's a really fun, engaging and easy going album. The inclusion of the boxer, with that weird vocal overdub, (precursor to the Country vocal he would use on Nashville Skyline) is telling of Dylan's rare homage and respect to a contemporary, vs. his usual preference for Lomax tunes from early 1900s.

I even more regret missing out on the Dylan/van morrison tour from about the same time. that would have been sweet.