Monday, February 4, 2008

An Obama Getaway


Set III: China Cat Sunflower > The Wheel > Other One > Sugaree, Eyes Of The World > Throwing Stones > Iko Iko > Playing Reprise

E: U.S. Blues

The entire concert is being rebroadcast by iClips at 2:30 and 7:30 PM PST.


Set 2 (acoustic):
Deep Elem Blues
Friend of the Devil
Ripple (Jackie on mandolin)

UPDATE 4: Setbreak - Phil gives a speech aka Barack Rap ... "we are the ones we have been waiting for." Mickey and Bobby talk about voting.

Set 1:
Half Step
Come Together

Setbreak / Barack Rap

UPDATE 3: And we're live...with some sound issues, but the picture is good. Barry Sless is in on pedal steel. Jackie sounds great on guitar. Brown Eyed Women...

UPDATE 2 [from PT at 11:11 PM EST] - "Just talked to a friend at the show and nothing has started yet... he said from the looks there was still a huge line along market st."

UPDATE: Direct link to stream -

[paste into Windows Media Player] ... still just an iClips logo for me though.....

Anyone else having problems getting into the Deadheads For Obama webcast on iClips? Why can't they get this technology working? Weren't they expecting a big hit on their servers? I'm disappointed.

Setlist confirmed:

1st Set
Barakdown Palace>
Obama Tried>
Barak Muddy River
Barak Throated Wind
Looks Like Obama>
Barak Peter->
Wang Dang Dobama

2nd Set
Barak Star>
Obama each other>
Baraks of Rain
Obama in The Rain
What’s Become of the Barak
Never Trust a Woman*>
Loose Hillary
Uncle Barak’s Band
AlObama Getaway
Barak B, Goode

E: Barakdown Palace> Throwing Stones


Some Dude said...

Yeah I had to install some program which is now worthless since I can't get the stream. Damn you Obama!

michael said...

oh good. It's not just me! I had a bad feeling about this. They rarely do these things right! Maybe it'll come on for the second set.

Blogger said...
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