Thursday, February 14, 2008

Idol Thoughts...

Can one be obsessive compulsive about American Idol? If so, pass the Prozac. I watched 4 hours of the veteran show just last night thanks to the wonders of DVR technology. I have a good feeling about this season -- I think there is a lot of good talent and most importantly, no Sanjayas to sabotage the competition.* Shockingly, I'm finding myself more interested in who wins the Idol competition than that whole Clinton-Barak-McCain thingy... What's happening to me?!?

On that note, here are some random observations from this last week:


Those that made the cut:

Amanda Overmyer: I like her. There is a place for her in the industry (whatever is left of it). 15-year old girls won't dig her act, but I think she appeals to the more mature, tasteful fans. No one doubts she does a nasty Janis Joplin impression, but I'd like to see what else she's capable of. She is the real thing.

Carly Smithson: Irishwoman w/ the crazy tattoos. Remember her now? She is fantastic. Her performance in Hollywood was one of the best. I can see her going VERY FAR in the competition. I like you Carly.

*Danny Noriega: Has serious Sanjaya potential, but surprisingly, he can sing. Personality is a bit over-the-top and annoying at times. I just don't see unified support for this guy. The next Clay Aiken?

David Archuleta: VERY talented. Great voice, especially for 17. He will go far. Like Melinda Doolittle last season, he needs to lose the "I'm shocked I'm good" routine. It's cute the first time, but stiffen that upper lip if you want to gain respect from the hardliners. Nonetheless, he is semifinals material.

Syesha Mercado: This was the girl who lost her voice but bounced back big time on day 2 in Hollywood. No one will dispute she has a strong voice, but something rubs me the wrong way -- something seems disingenuous about her personality. I'm still undecided about how I feel about her. Syesha, prove me wrong.

Michael Johns: He had the balls to sing Bohemian Rhapsody...and he pulled it off. This guy goes far.

David Hernandez: By far, the best voice/performer of the pack. I was a bit surprised at first when Simon said he didn't vote for him to move ahead to the top 24, but then logic kicked in -- of course Simon loves this guy. He praised him throughout. Pledgemaster Simon clearly attempted to break down the best and humble him a little (although I didn't find him cocky at all). I'd be surprised if this guy doesn't make it to the finals.

Some of the not so lucky:

Josiah Leming: Josiah, Josiah. I didn't get it. I never got it. The tears don't make you likable. It just gets creepy after awhile. And the faux-English accent -- contrived at best. You're from Tennessee my friend, don't forget your heritage. Advice: form a Coldplay cover band and play high school parties -- you'll be a hit.

Ghaleb Emachach: the whole "Enrique Iglesias" routine might have worked if you could actually sing! Dude, sorry to say, but you suck! It was just comical. Stick with the club scene in South Beach - that's your calling.

Kyle Ensley: Dude with the shirt and tie. At first, I thought, "great, another prankster is gonna slip through the cracks," but as I watched him more, he seemed like a real genuine guy. Not a great voice, but like Simon said, he's very likable and had the potential for a big following. He'll succeed in whatever he does.

Jeffrey Lampkin: Cee-Lo meets Biz Markie. Voice was average, but I liked this guy. Sure he wasn't going to make it far in the competition, but I could have dealt with watching this guy for another week. Try out again next season, you're entertaining.

Last but not least, Brooke Helvie: You can sing for me ANYTIME. I mean that -- ANYTIME. I'm sorry I won't be seeing more of you in the coming weeks, but I look forward to seeing some racy pics of you show up on the internet -- I have faith they are (or will be) out there. Enjoy UF, fun school and great athletic program.

Some final thoughts:

Hugging: It's sappy and annoying, especially for the guys. Unless Paula offers, DO NOT ask permission to hug the judges. I didn't hug my bosses when they gave me a raise and you shouldn't hug the judges for voting you forward. Leave the hugs and tears for your friends and family. No one wants to see it.

"What am I going to do now?" "I don't want to work." "I don't want to go to school.": Did you hear this too? GET A FUCKING JOB LIKE THE REST OF SOCIETY. The sense of entitlement sickens me.

Randy: Dog, you don't voice your opinion enough, dog. Dude, I like hearing what you have to say. Dog, you are wise; sometimes you jump the gun on giving too much credit, but overall very sharp. Dude, I trust your opinion. Dog, you know the industry, you've played with the greats. Dude, share that wisdom. Dog. Dude. Dog. Pitchy. Pitchy. Riffs. Dog.

Paula: When you talk, I fast forward. I don't understand anything you say. I truly don't hear you at all. I'm not listening.

Simon: You speak the truth. You love to be hated. You think negativity is a virtue. You detract from the majority. You spot a fake when others are giving praise. You are the reason the show is a success. I relate to you. Is it possible that one can be that honest, insightful and unbreakable? He proves it is.

Other Idol fans out there? Do you agree? Disagree? The Weight wants to hear what you have to say.

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