Tuesday, February 5, 2008

NME to Announce Bonnaroo Headliner At Midnight

Time to start getting excited folks. This has a serious chance of being the Manchester clue (#1). Come on Oasis and/or The Verve! Come to think of it, if this news is to announce a headliner, it's not going to be The Verve. They're not headlining Coachella, so they're certainly not going to be a headliner at Bonnaroo. Could Oasis be a headliner...it's doubtful as much as I love them. Would NME do this just to announce Pearl Jam? They'd hardly be considered a surprise anymore. Zep maybe?

will reveal a surprise headliner for the 2008 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival at midnight EST.

The festival will take place June 12-15 in Manchester, Tennessee.

Stay tuned to NME.COM for all the details on Bonnaroo's special headliner and the complete line-up to date for this year's festival.

Source: NME

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