Thursday, October 16, 2008

Eminem To Return With Relapse

Eminem may be just about the only rap act, outside of The Streets, who would cause me to get excited about news of a new album. I couldn't name one song from today's so-called hip-hop superstars like Lil' Wayne, TI, Akon, and Twista. Hell, I don't even know if I just gave you a legit list of who's selling singles these days. Slim Shady has consistently proven to me that he's a talented dude, worthy of praise from even those of us who don't really listen to rap anymore. 'Stan' still ranks up there with my favorite songs of all time. I would like nothing more than to be blown away by another song like it, so today's news that Marshall would be releasing a new album, possibly before 2008 ends, called Relapse, got me revisiting his catalog today.

"Purple Pills" may not be a proper Eminem song. It was released by his side project D-12. But I love it too much to not post it here. Check it out...

Purple Pills
Devil's Night


Anonymous said...

sure, Stan was a good song, but that was 8 years ago. i'm sorry, but i hope you were half-kidding when you said you'd be "blown away" by eminem's new album or any rap album released these days...

WeightStaff said...

I used the rest of the post to explain how I no longer listen to new rap. I probably haven't in those 8 years. Would I love to be blown away by new Eminem?...of course. Do I think it will happen, no, but I can hope.