Saturday, October 11, 2008

VH1 Video Countdown - 10/11/08

I don't generally watch TRL-type music video countdown shows. In fact, Total Request Live shuttered its windows for good a few weeks back. But being up before 11 am on a Saturday for the first time in forever, I found myself curious as to what the kiddies these days are listening to. And I now know why I don't follow this crap. I'm a cynic and always wondered if people are actually voting for these things or if the network is beholden to advertisers, corporations, and sponsors. Well, here is your Top 20 America, including:

American Idol Retreads:
Jennifer Hudson (7)
Jordin Sparks (20)
Daughtry (2)
Leona Lewis (3)( she counts, Product of British X Factor)
and Archie himself, David Archuleta! (1)

Oldies But Goodies(?):
Bret Michaels!!! (16)
Staind (11)
Gavin Rossdale?!? (10)
New Kids on the Block (4)
Three Doors Down (6)
Lifehouse (8)
Pink (5)

Jam/Frat House Rockers:
O.A.R (13)

Did I mention AC/freakin/DC is on the list with a bullet at #17.

What alternate universe has the "music" world entered??? AC/DC in that company? Archuletta is your #1? Really?!?

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