Sunday, October 5, 2008

Page, Jones To Tour Without Plant??

Could Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Jason Bonham set out on tour without Jimmy Page? According to London's The Sun, it's possible if Robert Plant fails to agree to tour with the threesome.

Would you still pay to see a Plant-less Zep? Who could fill Plant's shoes?

I think Chris Cornell would be an excellent choice. Check out this clip featuring Cornell's acoustic take on Led Zeppelin's 'Thank You'. Now that [the trainwreck] Audioslave is behind him, I imagine his schedule is pretty clear.

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WeightStaff said...

Although somewhat disappointing, I can't say I'm all that surprised by this rumour. From the beginning, hasn't it been Plant who has expressed his indifference to a Zep-reunion? I can't say I blame him. After all, his vocal range (for singing Zep-tunes) is a fraction of what it was; the man is entitled to go down with some dignity. In the same vein, you wouldn't expect that Johnny Bench make a comeback with the Reds next season, would you?? (Plant and Bench are practically the same age)

As for Chris Cornell -- not a bad choice, but this strategy sounds ominously similar to The Doors reunion/debacle from last year.

So, no. I would not pay to see anything less than Plant, Page, Jones and [Jason] Bonham. I saw Page/Plant in 1995, and I'm happy to leave it at that. In any event, having an extra $105 in my pocket wouldn't be such a bad thing these days...