Monday, October 13, 2008

My Dream Team: Loudon Wainwright & John Hiatt

Browsing around the Internet tonight for Loudon Wainwright III tracks and reviews of his recent concerts, I stumbled on this rare gem, pairing two of my favorite singer/songwriters of the moment.
I bought tickets to see Loudo at the tiny Barns at Wolf Trap next month after reading Bob Lefsetz's glowing reviews of his genius songwriting and lyrics. I have been listening to his songs online constantly for the last month or so. He has an endless catalog that can be witty and funny at one moment and in the next be deeply emotional and soul-bearing. Very few artists can execute effectively on both ends of that spectrum.

What I found tonight through Hype Machine was a stripped-down, acoustic guitar and piano take on the Motown classic 'My Girl' by the aforementioned LW3 alongside the equally talented John Hiatt, another singer that I love who should receive so much more recognition than he does.

Take a listen to their version of 'My Girl'
[via Cover Lay Down]

I'm seeing John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett performing together on Sunday night, which I'll be reviewing for the site. I've been increasingly enjoying Lyle Lovett's songs too, not just his amazing version of Friend of the Devil. I'm definitely noticing a pattern in my listening as of late, trending towards the style of these gentlemen. This may have been triggered by my seeing Jackson Browne in concert last month.


jz1 said...

Hiatt/Lovett!? Where's that show?

jz1 said...

The Warner! That'll be a great show!

WeightStaff said...

i havent seen lyle lovett on concert yet. i saw john with the north mississippi all-stars a while back at wolf trap, which was great. i think this one is supposed to be just the two of them on stage at the same time. it wasn't cheap, but i think it should be well worth the price.


Anonymous said...

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