Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Always Take the Weather With You

Hi there.

I enjoy surfing, hiking, long walks on the beach, dining at trendy restaurants with a bottle of wine, roadtripping along the coast, and trying new and exotic foods.

And that, unfortunately, was only accomplished while on vacation the last two weeks. At home, um, no so much. Not even close. My typical interests include miserably waking up entirely too late for work, attempting to remain awake and/or interested at the office, dejectedly commuting home, ordering delivery for dinner, and then delaying going to sleep as late as possible (hello, Tivo) so that I don't have to awake the next morning to repeat.

To the layman, this may seem like two completely different people enjoying (for lack of a better word) their day. Surfing vs. sleeping in. Hiking vs. ordering General Tso's Chicken. Two different people? It is in fact...just me.

Vacations are like new year's go out, get decked out, spend a bunch of money at a new and hopefully excting place. And then you commit yourself to resolutions about getting up early, being productive, going to the gym, being active, actually leaving the apartment. On vacation, I get motivated. In "real life", which is 99.2% of the time, not so much.

But this time, is different. After a trek half way around the world, as my jet lagged haze is wearing off, I want to do things differently. I want to wake up and smell the Sanka, I want to actually use my $80 per month gym membership (lately I'm averaging $80 per session...that should be easy math), I want to see more of New York City then the blocks between the subway and my apt/office. Australia and New Zealand have breathed new life into me. Go if you can. I really did accomplish all of the things I mentioned in the beginning of the post.

Seeing Crowded House at the Sydney Entertainment Center left a song in my mind to remind me of the trip, the energy and spontaneity I had, and the ability to get off my ass. Maybe it will help you too.

Weather With You
Crowded House

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scottyb said...

Great post! I need a vacation. How bad was the flight to OZ?

Also how was Crowded House? I just reviewed one of their shows over on Hidden Track. They put on one helluva show.