Saturday, November 17, 2007

We Are Everywhere

Bill Walton, Al Gore, Ann Coulter, Nancy Pelosi, Al Franken, Pete Carroll.....and the newly appointed head of British Intelligence....yeah baby, yeah!

The new head of Great Britain's Joint Intelligence Committee, the country's top intelligence body, Alex Allan, is a "Deadhead" by his own admission. Allan maintains a personal website fully devoted to the Grateful Dead where one can find information on all their music, concerts etc.

Allan who is 56...has been British High Commissioner to Australia and private secretary to both Prime Ministers John Major and Tony Blair. On his website Allan writes, "I first saw the Dead in the mud at Bickershawe in 1972, and was so knocked out I went to all the Lyceum concerts after that. I have been a Deadhead ever since, and saw them whenever they came to Europe, but sadly never managed a U.S. tour."
Read the article from the UK's The Independent here.

Allan is pictured above windsurfing on the Thames.

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