Monday, November 19, 2007

Girl Talk Plays Wash U Fraternity

Another day, another college campus tasering...only this time, the incident resulted in partying! An inebriated unclothed man attending Greg "Girl Talk" Gillis' gig at the Gargoyle on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis was subdued by local police after being "...tasered in the ass for a prolonged period of time."

After the WashU gig was cut short, the university's Sigma Alpha Mu house opened their basement up to Girl Talk where 200 to 300 students witnessed a continuation of the ill-fated concert. This must be the most significant artist appearance on this St. Louis college's campus since Phish drummer Jon Fishman performed a late-night impromptu gig in the dorms in 1999 following a concert by his then side project Pork Tornado.

Controversy seems to be following Gillis around, as his unconventional opening slot for Widespread Panic was cut short earlier this year due to overly intoxicated fans not being able to keep it together after being invited by him to dance on stage.

Read the full tasering/WashU article here.

Editors Note: The writer of this post is an alumni of the above mentioned university and he is still not over receiving the news of Fishman's jam session in the dorms a few hours too late.

P.S. - Forgive me for posting this more than a week after the incident occurred. I was out of the country at the time.

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