Friday, November 30, 2007

"Let's make it a true daily double, Alex..."

Baltimore has never really been known for its notable celebrities. Sure, we have Sisqo, Babe Ruth, Rick Ocasek and Barry Levinson, but for the most part, many of the renowned Baltimorians abandon their "Charm City" heritage once stardom hits.

In any event, I was watching Music Choice last night when a song came on that I'd heard a few dozen times in the 80's, but never really knew who sang it. In fact, the version most people, including myself, are most familiar with is Weird Al's memorable spoof. The song: "Jeopardy." The artist: Greg Kihn. Greg Kihn's hometown: Baltimore.

Who would have thought? Growing up in the suburbs of Baltimore myself, I have always prided myself as knowing the entire list of A, B and C-list Baltimore celebrities. Not sure how this one slipped by...

So where is Greg Kihn now? According to Wikipedia:

Since 2001, the Greg Kihn Band has been one of the opening acts at the annual Kihncert, which is organized by San Jose, California radio station KUFX-FM (promotional name 98.5 K-Fox), where Kihn is the morning DJ.

Kihn has also written four novels, Horrow Show, Shade of Pale, Mojo Hand, and Big Rock Beat, and released a collection of short stories by himself and other well known rock musicians, named Carved In Rock: Short Stories By Musicians. Contributors include Ray Manzarek of The Doors, Pete Townshend of The Who, Joan Jett, and Ray Davies of The Kinks.

Greg Kihn in 2007 was inducted into the San Jose Hall of Fame.

Unfortunately, like many before him (and surely, many more after), it appears that Mr. Kihn has also abandoned his Baltimore roots for, of all places, San Jose. C'mon Baltimore, we can't lose guys like GREG KIHN to SAN JOSE -- where the hell is our Hall of Fame???

On the other hand, I guess we'll always have "The Thong Song..."

Greg Kihn

Editor's Note: This clip contains all of the "accoutrement" of the successful 80's music video: mullets, tuxedos, mock-skeletons (think "Touch of Grey" and Taco's "Puttin' on the Ritz"), and a plot that makes entirely no sense.

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