Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hello Sydney

Two-thirds of the WeightStaff have arrived in the land down under where we will spend the better part of the next two weeks exploring the sites and sounds of Oz and New Zealand. The Australian leg will be capped off with a concert by local heroes Crowded House at the Sydney Entertainment Center. What better place to see Neil Finn and the reunited band than in the same city where they played what was believed to be their farewell show in front of 150,000 people almost 11 years ago. Its currently 10 AM here in Sydney and 7 pm back at home on the east coast of the US and A. It took us a full 24 hours of travel to reach our destination of Kirribilli and a 2-bedroom apartment directly across from the Sydney Harbour.

Check out the view from our friends' living room. This is an actual shot I took last night. It's simply a stunning view.

Stay tuned for more reports from the land of Jet and Kylie Minogue...

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