Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Grateful Dead Not Playing Concert, Storing Stuff Instead

The Grateful Dead camp decided to make an official statement ahead of their Thursday press conference in order to debunk any Internet rumors about their playing live shows in the near future. I can't believe that there would be sites out there spreading such unsubstantiated speculative rumors.

As it turns out, they are simply donating some artifacts to UC Santa Cruz.
She [Eileen Law] also kept press clippings dating back to the band's inception in '65, photographs, tickets, back stage passes, handbills, promotional materials, business records, stage backdrops, posters, T-shirts and other Grateful Dead merchandise, issues of the band's erratically published '70s newsletter and the more regularly published Grateful Dead Almanac that began in the '90s, copies of all the band's posters, vinyl albums, CDs, videos, all the awards and the books written about the band, show files, cassette tapes of the hot line messages announcing tour dates, publishing information, thousands of fan-decorated envelopes mailed to the band's ticket office, even all the guest lists that went to the venues the band played.

Read the full news here from the San Francisco Chronicle.


Some Dude said...

What a letdown. Boo. That's bunker then bunk Molly and skunked Sam Smith Oatmeal Stouts.

Ryan said...

Dagger... what a bummer. Weak. Sauce.