Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The More You Know: ZZ Top

The origin of the band's name was not officially known for many years. Some theories included: the two brands of rolling paper, Zig-Zag and Top; a tribute to blues legend Z. Z. Hill; and/or Billy Gibbons seeing the two words running together on a dilapidated bill board. The real origin, as told by Billy Gibbons and also recorded in his book Rock + Roll Gearhead, is derived from the name of blues master B. B. King. They wanted to call themselves Z.Z. King but sounded too similar to their blues legend hero. They figured that "King" was at the "top" so thus settled on ZZ Top.

Next year, ZZ Top will celebrate their 40th anniversary as a band, and they have never had a change in lineup! According to music-news.com, they will soon be releasing their first-ever live concert on DVD and Blu-Ray. How great would these guys be at Bonnaroo? I wonder if they've ever been asked.

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Oliver said...

I LOVE ZZ Top, but I have to say that a recent live show left me somewhat underwhelmed. I had fun, but let's say it was a nostalgic fun. Much love and respect though. Tres Hombres is a four star album, and any band that absolutely kicks ass together for 40 years is clearly legendary. Seriously, check out Tres Hombres. Not a down track on the album.