Friday, April 25, 2008

Wilco Under a Sky Blue Sky ( Brooklyn)

With The Verve and Crowded House going half price, I was beginning to question if every band I wanted to see had crappy demand for tickets. But, I had a strong suspicion that my interest in seeing Wilco outdoors in Brooklyn at McCarren Pool was shared by a couple other of the hipperazzi. Looks like I was right. The show sold out in under a minute (update: few tix trickling out until around 12:10 according to BrooklynVegan). And yes, I got tix. Thankfully!

I have only seen Wilco play live at Bonnaroo (2004 and 2007). And in '07, I left the festival with every song still banging around in my head. The drive home from Manchester involved stopping in a random mall on the border of Virginia and Tennessee and picking up the 'Sky Blue Sky' album and falling in love all over again (I love random concert road trips!). And now finally I can see the group without packing my bags for Tennessee. Actually, it kind of is a road trip. The last concert I ventured into Brooklyn to see (I don't leave Manhattan for shows nearly enough) was for Woolly Mammoth at North Six (now defunct) back in 2003.

So what are shows at McCarren Pool like? Is it awkward getting splashed while you are trying to listen to 'Jesus, etc'? And how can I keep my hipster cred while wearing a damn life jacket?

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