Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Interminable Tour Continúa

This summer Bob Dylan's never ending tour will hit a bunch of European cities I've never heard of. I think it would be quite an incredible experience to see him play some of these cities that he has most likely never played before and those that rarely see an American artist. I got to see him play a show at the site of the Woodstock festival last year and, in my mind, it was a magical night. There is still a feeling that is difficult to describe about being in the presence of this legend and that positive feeling would just be magnified in these far away places. May the never ending tour never end.

Reykjavic Egilshollin (May 26)
Odense Fyn Arena (28)
Stavanger Viking Stadium (30)
Helsinki Hartwall Arena (June 1)
Saint Petersburg Arena (3)
Tallinn Sakey Hall (4)
Vilnius Siemens Arena (5)
Warsaw Stodola (7)
Ostrava Cez Arena (9)
Vienna Stadhalle (10)
Salzburg Arena (11)
Bergamo Lazzaretta (16)
Aosta Castello Borgia (18)
Grenoble Palais des Sports (19)
Toulouse Zenith (20)
Andorra la Vella Campo de Futbol Muni (22)
Zaragoza Feia de Muenstras (24)
Pamplona Plaza de Toros (25)
Vigo Recinto Ferial (27)
Avilla Parque Natural de Gredos (28)
Valencia Auditorio Ciudad (July 1)
Cuenca TBC (2)
Murcia Plaza de Toros (4)
Jaen Recinto Ferial (5)
Madrid Rock in Rio (6)
Jerez Campo de Football Muni (8)
Merida Plaza de Toros (10)
Lisbon Optimus Live (11)

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Some Dude said...

Wow that is an absolutely frightening picture of Bob.