Sunday, December 23, 2007

Van Morrison Doesn't Play The Hits

Van Morrison Set List
12/21/2007 - Reno, NV

This Love of Mine
Magic Time
Whinin’ Boy Moan
Too Many Myths
All Work and No Play
Rough God Goes Riding
They Sold Me Out
Tupelo Honey/Why Must I Always Explain
Stop Drinking
Keep Mediocrity at Bay
It’s All in the Game
Precious Time
Don’t Start Crying Now
Baby What You Want Me to Do
In the Afternoon/Ancient Highway/ Golden Autumn Day (with snippets of other songs I couldn’t identify)

Read the full review from the Reno Gazette-Journal


WeightStaff said...


He rocked out a version of Whinin' Boy Moan. No hits, my ass...Get your facts straight.



Anonymous said...

having seen him live a handful of times, this is a great setlist. the way van plays 'the hits' its a much better show when he stays away from what other people want to hear....he tends to go out of his way to make 'the hits' sound unrecognizably bad, just so he keeps those who really want to hear brown eyed girl at every show away. although the set list does drop a moondance and a tupelo honey. "Stranded" and "They sold me out" are late period van morrison gems. Classic van complaining about celebrity and how difficult it is being van morrison.

thanks for the VM post. for more live footage, check out the itunes podcast 'Bunkervision' and look out for the newly remastered back catalogue with bonus unreleased material.