Friday, March 7, 2008

Death of an iPod

My iPod is officially dead. After surviving several hundred drops, spills, scratches, malfunctions, crashes, scrapes, bumps, and glitches, my only piece of Apple merchandise finally gave out at 8:42 p.m. on Tuesday evening. All things considered, I was more than impressed that mine lasted as long as it did. When I bought it back in 2004, I heard from other owners that I'd be buying a new one within 12-18 months. I beat the odds.

But that's not to say there weren't massive casualties. I lost over 500 hundred Grateful Dead songs -- tracks compiled from decades of live shows. Not to mention the countless random tunes downloaded over the years that I never thought to backup. Big mistake.

So now I embrace a new generation of iPods (well, new for me). One where you can watch movies on the subway. Color screens. Touch screens. Cover Flow. 80gb. 160gb. Nanos. Classics. iPhones. Black. White. Oh, the possibilities...


Barbara said...

May your Pod rest in peace. I had one like th one you had pictured and gave it to my son when the video version came out....I rarely use that feature but love having it in color.

I would love an iPod Touch but can't justify the cost for less gigs.

BACK UP! I learned the hard way too :(

Isorski said...

Hey, wait. Isn't all that music still on your computer, available via your iTunes?