Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lost and Gone Forever

The Washington Post has a great article cataloging the things that have gone from commonplace to nostalgia overnight. I can't take credit for the witty commentary, that's all from the Post also. The list includes:


These plastic gems once acted like aural diaries. Painstakingly recorded from the radio or other people's music libraries and then labeled with loopy script or scribbled drawings, mix tapes -- which made it possible to listen to a customized set of songs without having to put money in a jukebox or hop off the couch mid make-out session -- defined our breakups, our summers, our crushes. They gave every 15-year-old the ability to play deejay and album-cover artist without leaving the bedroom.

'Truly' Blind Dates

Now, if a friend sets you up with someone, and you don't automatically Google that person, check his or her "relationship" status on might question if you are really fit to date at all.

Land Lines

And even rarer are phone booths. In all of the Washington area, there is only one left.

Doing Nothing at the Office

Idle time's death knell was the Internet, which created a way to fill every moment while giving the appearance of productivity. The joys of making wastebasket two-pointers and using Scotch tape to extract nasal blackheads pale when compared with the minute-hand-massaging possibilities of Craigslist and YouTube. According to Nielsen ratings, the average American visits more than 2,000 Web pages a month while on the clock; surveys by suggest that close to 90 percent of workers spend part of their day doing Internet browsing that's unrelated to work.

The list also includes:

Cigarettes, Getting Lost, and Body Hair.

Read the full article. Good Stuff, What did they miss??

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