Monday, March 10, 2008

Coming Together

It's about bloody time. Although no specific date has been set, it was announced on Friday that The Beatles' arrival on iTunes is imminent. It only cost Apple Computer Inc. $400 MILLION to finalize the deal -- all of which will be divided amongst McCartney, Starr, the Lennon Estate, the Harrison Estate, Apple Corps. and Michael Jackson's creditors.

The landmark deal has also prompted the long-awaited debut of George Harrison's catalog on iTunes, which is already available.

What a great way to break-in my new iPod. I figure, 15 Beatles albums (12 studio, including the double discs for "The White Album" and the "Anthology" series, and excluding "Yellow Submarine" and various compilation albums) and Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" (I was disappointed to not find "The Concert for Bangladesh") at say $9.99 per album (double for the "White Album") and $14.99 for "All Things Must Pass," this will undoubtedly be the best $175.00 ever spent.

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