Sunday, March 16, 2008

Missed the Boat...Rilo Kiley

There are way too many "can't miss" bands out there. All apologies to our good friend Some Dude over at Hidden Track, but I haven't even listened to Vampire Weekend yet. And dammit, I'm not sure I want to. Arcade Fire...I know one or two songs. Bloc Party...never touched 'em. Hot Chip...just scratched the surface. Yes I'm a music fan, but I don't chase the latest and greatest ALL the time.

I do have to admit though, that more often then not these bands get a ton of press for a reason. And I EVENTUALLY get around to listening to them. And now I'm finally on the Rilo Kiley bandwagon. I was recently tipped off to the 'Under the Blacklight' album (i.e. I stole it from a friend's iPod) and can't get enough 'Moneymaker' , 'Close Call', 'Under The Blacklight', and 'Breakin Up'. Maybe the "cool" kids have already deemed these Rilo Kiley songs played out, but they sound pretty good to me. The band is playing Bonnaroo and Terminal 5 in NYC in the next few months so I'll also get to see Jenny Lewis and the crew up close pretty soon.

For those like me not in the know re: Rilo Kiley, the lead singer Jenny Lewis was in Troop Beverly Hills and the Fred Savage video game flick 'The Wizard'. Lead Guitarist Blake Sennett starred in Nickelodeon camp classic 'Salute Your Shorts'. Hell of a pedigree.

Get on the life raft. Here is Rilo Kiley and Moneymaker. The song starts at 35 secs in...


WeightStaff said...

i didnt get the picture at first...but i gotta hand it to you. its great!


Some Dude said...

Rilo Kiley is fantastic. They got a lot of flack for Under The Blacklight, but that's critics just loving to hate.

I highly, highly recommend More Adventurous - it's a killer record. And so is Jenny's solo album, plus they are great live too.

Now go listen to Vampire Weekend!