Tuesday, March 4, 2008

There's Something Happening Hear

For what it's worth, there appears to be a change ahead here in New York City. White earbuds, the sign of the iPod, are beginning to disappear from the heads and hearts of its fair citizens. It was only a few years ago, circa 2003, that Apple fanboys were spreading like wildfire throughout hipsterdom with white dangly strings hanging from their heads as a badge of cool. But like all trends, like acid wash jeans and Danny Devito, this too will pass. You had to know that with iPods becoming the device of choice for housewives across America, the first movers were going to get fed up and look elsewhere.

So what do scenesters do now to appear different? They can't possibly live without their iPods/iPhones. Hell, iPhones are the greatest device ever created (in my humble, but correct, opinion). Ah-ha! They eliminate the one thing that identified themselves as part of the Apple clan to begin with. No more white earbuds. So now, a new trend has arrived: the big ass obnoxious ear-covering headweights. Think language lab. Think the ear test when you raise your hand at the beep. Think air traffic controllers. Have you noticed them? Have they invaded your town yet? They will.

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