Sunday, July 20, 2008

End of An Era:

The definitive resource, on the Web or otherwise, on all things related to The Band has shutdown after 14 years online. It was with great sadness that I realized this tonight while looking for some lyrics. I have been aware of this Norwegian site for probably ten years and it had been consistently updated with news, videos, reviews, and much more.....all for a group of musicians that had not performed as a unit for many many years.

I'm not sure why the site has been shutdown, but the URL is still working for now, with only a white page, a basic list of links, and a simple message remaining:
An extensive website dedicated to the legendary rock group The Band started at this location in October 1994, and was closed down in June 2008. Most of our massive archives will probably be back on-line soon, after some much-needed cleaning up. Thanks to the musicians, to all our friends, to everyone who contributed, and to the millions of visitors that made The Band web site bigger and better than in our wildest dreams.
--Jan Høiberg
I know how hard it has been to update just this blog semi-regularly for 18 months. I can't imagine what it took to keep that site running for 14 years.


WeightStaff said...


Weightstaff (and avid "hiof" reader since '04)

Aryeh said...

i basically learned how to play guitar from reading their tabs, and chords page. what a gift it was when they began uploading sound bites, to get quick snipits of band songs that i had not yet heard. Remember...this was before itunes, and Amazon samples...

avid Hiof reader since 1999

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